Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Polls are In

>>I wrote this almost immediately following the last election<<

Okay, so another election day has come and gone, no one will know the differnce in a hundred years anyway, but I don't care. I live here, in today's world, not 100 years from here. And neither do you.

I don't get it, my wife, my brother, assorted other people. They are all so put off by any discussion that may even indicate politics that I've pretty much been barred from discussing any of the subject matter with them. I guess it's like so many other things, you love it or you hate.

Whichever one you do, I hope you voted yesterday. I hope you'll vote in years to come. I hope that you find ways to get the information you find important regarding the candidates in your district and on your ballot.

We have a long way to go right now in this country. The Dems are going to tell us that we need to determine a clear exit strategy in Iraq, and fast, no matter how much Pelosi talks about Bi-Partisanship, this WILL happen. Be ready.

On the other side, the Reps keep telling us how great our economy is. And they're right. If you look at it from certain standpoints. But the best measure of our economy is what's happening to the middle class at any given time. And right now folks, we're struggling.

My only point in this post really is just to make sure that we are all informing and educating ourselves, something that I myself do not always do the greatest job off, but I hope you will do better than I have, for yourself, for your children, and for the rest of the country, because we're all in this together. And that's how it effects us all if anyone happens to ask you.