Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ebeanstalk Review

So I'm wandering around FreeStuffTimes the other day and come across this classified that says I can get an opportunity to try out free kids toys for kids from newborn to 12 years old. I thought, since I have twin 3 year-old daughters and an 11 year-old step-son, this would be something worth checking out.

So I follow the link and sign-up, then get forwarded to the home page. I'm instantly impressed, everything is broken down into gender and age categories. Obviously, with 2 little girls I was most interested in seeing what they might be offering in that vein of things. I found that I was pleasently surprised with the fact that not only are there plenty of toys that a "girly" girl would love to play with, but also thing which a baby boy might like too. As a father, it can get aggravating to constantly be relegated to picking between pink or purple.

This website has it all from books and games, to dolls and building blocks, and there are plenty of educational toys there too. In fact, the only problem the site might have going for it so far as I can see is that there are too many places to link to the age and gender group breakdowns.

At any rate, I think it worth any parent who's got a few years before "teendom" hits to go and check it out.