Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Boy(s) Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews seemlessly tells the story of 4 influential men in history from a perspective that school age children might find slightly challenging, albeit easy enough to figure out.

He aims at instilling a deep insistance in young readers that all of their actions, and inactions, matter more than they might realize. What an excellent message for today's youth!

Andrews tell the story of Norman Bourlag and his 'super seeds', but he does so much more by introducing his young audience to not only Bourlag, but also Henry Wallace, George Washington Carver, and even the lesser known, but as Andrews points out quite well, equally important, Moses Carver.

The Boy Who Changed the World should go a long way to inspiring those children who might feel as though nothing they do will matter to anyone around them. It shows them that while they may not live to see the full results of everything they do, one simple choice can lead to an impact on generations not yet come. A wonderfully written true tale for children that will hopefully translate to a call of action in many young lives. Well done!