Monday, December 13, 2010

Stuff with Ebeanstalk!

This time of year you may have some little ones that you are struggling to find that special something for. Something to perpetuate the whole idea that Jolly St. Nick has indeed placed him or her on the nice, rather than naughty, list and this item proves that. Here's where can help you out.

The site is loaded with ideas for kids from Infant to 12 years of age. From the Go-Go Firetruck to the Web RC-Iron Eagle helicopter. Whether your looking for toys for one year olds or ten year olds there is something here that your little tike will enjoy.

And in another shade of parenting you can pick from the Baby Stella Doll all the way over to the Morning Whisper Bead Kit. So whether your little princess needs toys for two year olds or twelve year olds, you'll be fully prepared for the impending Yultide cheer(s).

Of course, maybe you are looking for some baby toys for a brand-new mama and papa that you know, and again, whether it's a Ladybird Playmat or some Zoom Zoom Vehicles Ebeanstalk has got you covered there as well.

It really is a great site, easy to navigate based on age and gender of the children your shopping for. Tons of toys that are heavy on education or skill building. If you child is a reader there's a whole book section. Looking for some family fun, there's a category there too. You'll find the drop down menus and the several different gift suggestions on the homepage a very welcome sight this time of year.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Same Kind of Different As Me

This book was amazing to me in the fact that it told two very unique stories from the begining and by the end, had woven them together nearly seemlessly. To me, that is a credit to the Creator that brought these two individuals together.

Denver Moore, a poor black man from Louisiana, came up in the 1960's and was raised on a sharecropping plantation. He speaks candidly about the Man and the injustices occurred, but he does so with an innocence that is still reminiscent of the boy who "didn't know no better" as Denver says himself.

Denver finally breaks away from the chains of bondage known as sharecropping and hops a freight train across the country, ended up in a few different spots, before staying in Fort Worth, TX.

Ron Hall, by comparison, is, in many ways, the grandson of the Man on a different sharecropping plantation. Unbeknownst to Ron it will come to haunt a bit later in life, but as a boy, it is merely a fact of life for him and there is really no wrong perceived in it.

Denver comes into his own among the Fort Worth homeless and develops quite the reputation as a man not to be messed with. Ron, on the other hand, goes to college and begins an entrepenureally enterprise as an Art dealer.

These two men come to brought into each other life by Deborah Hall, Ron's college sweetheart and wife. Debbie becomes an amazing catalyst for change and these two men develop an amazing bond and friendship over time due to her persistence.

When Debbie dies, things seem uncertain to both of them. And true to form, Mrs. Hall shows up to take care of this as well. As your read the book at this point, you begin to understand that where the words end, the story is truly only begining.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Review: Wild at Heart

I obtained this through figuring 'why not, it's free' and didn't think much else of it. I enjoy reading and I needed something new, I never expected this extremely detailed account of what makes men tick and how we, as men, can use that knowledge to make sure we do the best we can for ourselves, our families, and our Lord.
I find it very inspiring to read a narrative such as this that is filled with stinging truths and abrupt calls to the mat for each and every man who'll listen.
If you're a man trying to figure out what's a missing, or a woman trying to figure out what's wrong with a man in your life, by all means, this is worth the time it will take you to digest every pointed morsel of information.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ebeanstalk Review

So I'm wandering around FreeStuffTimes the other day and come across this classified that says I can get an opportunity to try out free kids toys for kids from newborn to 12 years old. I thought, since I have twin 3 year-old daughters and an 11 year-old step-son, this would be something worth checking out.

So I follow the link and sign-up, then get forwarded to the home page. I'm instantly impressed, everything is broken down into gender and age categories. Obviously, with 2 little girls I was most interested in seeing what they might be offering in that vein of things. I found that I was pleasently surprised with the fact that not only are there plenty of toys that a "girly" girl would love to play with, but also thing which a baby boy might like too. As a father, it can get aggravating to constantly be relegated to picking between pink or purple.

This website has it all from books and games, to dolls and building blocks, and there are plenty of educational toys there too. In fact, the only problem the site might have going for it so far as I can see is that there are too many places to link to the age and gender group breakdowns.

At any rate, I think it worth any parent who's got a few years before "teendom" hits to go and check it out.

Monday, March 01, 2010


So I'm wandering around the web the other day and find a new wicked cool site. First off there's the catchy name, If you dig interchangelable watches, as in the easy-to-personalize watches that all your friends, or maybe friend's kids, seem to love right now. They also carry a ton of chunky bead jewelry throughout their site. Let me not forget about the motherlode of Swarvoski Crystal rings on the site, that are remarkable to a fault almost.

The jewelry is all pretty sweet looking, and I'd assume it's quality if a name like Swavorski is willing to get involved. I also saw a link on the page if you want to do an online jewelry party. At first I thought that was a little strange, never heard of an online party, but maybe I'll try after all. I mean, who couldn't use a few extra bucks right now?