Monday, January 03, 2011

Seeds of Turmoil

Upon begining this book I wasn't really sure what to expect. The dust jacket states, very clearly, that the author is attempting to shed light on an ages old conflict in the Middle East. A conflict which very few, in fact almost no, men seem to fully understand. Bryan White does so both convinicinly and amicably. While his biased is evident as a christian, he professes this very forwardly and outwardly throughout the book, so if you are suprised by it, you're not really paying attention.

The lines that are drawn both between and across the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths and direct and biblically backed up. In fact, Wright not only uses Old and New Testament scriptures, but makes a point of referring to the Apocrypha and the Qur'an as well. He seems to accomplish this seemlessly.

Though I'm sure there are many who will disagree with Bryant Wright's estimations of why things remain as they are in this region, I personally found the book in line with my lines of thinking and believing and I also found many useful insights which I may not have been exposed to so readily in another situation.

All in all, a good read that is worth the time for those interested in the Middle East, Israel, or Faith-based conflict in general.
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