Friday, June 03, 2011

Rocket Club

Hey y'all, coming at you from MN way once again here! Just wanted to share a newer group on the country scene with any of you who haven't heard about them yet. Go check out Rocket Club first chance you get. If you're not blown away then I really ain't sure what would do it for you at all.

Even though they only have the 2 singles up, search around You Tube briefly and you'll easily find a rendition of the National Anthem that should move you and a catchy little ballad (see left) that gets you feeling good on memories.

One of my personal favorite points for this group, other than I just think they are so genuinely diverse, is that MN own are all over the place in this group. Including Chris Hawkey of KFAN fame. (Well, he is up here anyway...)

And seeing as how it's June now, please get out on those lakes and have some fun!

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