Monday, July 08, 2013

Eye of the Sword Reviewed

It took me a long time to finally pick up Karyn Henley's Eye of the Sword. I'm not a particularly huge fantasy fiction fan. I don't hate it, I'm just not crazy about it. See I got the book for free through  Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review of the work.

I figured I'd get my wife to read it and let me know what she though, since she loves this genre usually. Well, she didn't want to start on book two of a series, so there it sat, and sat, and sat.

Well, I finally decided I better hold my end of the bargain up and grabbed the book with less enthusiasm than an office visit for vaccinations.

Here's the thing though, I actual did enjoy this book. I know it's a fantasy genre book, but something about guys on horseback defending ladies, and honor, and kingdoms just kind of resonated with me I guess. I don't know that the book will win awards, but it could certainly find a solid following without too much trouble. So don't be like me, pick the book up and get to reading, or you might just miss out on something.

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