Sunday, November 03, 2013


I'd never heard of Eric Blehm when I picked this book up. I found him to be an exceptional storyteller and, from what I could tell, a thorough researcher.
I had also never heard of Adam Brown, though after reading this I'm stunned by that. This is a man who was thoroughly dedicated to God, Corps, and Country. A family man of fierce loyalty and worthy of admiration. If you don't know Adam's story, do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK.

Spoiler Alert: From Adam's humble beginings in a caravan family he carried himself to high school athletic fame, only to become a wreckage of a human being. With some very tough love from his family, and a whole lot of dedication on his part, Adam eventually found his way to the love of a good woman and the career of his dreams. A man who adored his children and fought fiercely with his Brothers-In-Arms, Adam became an example of the American Dream and the Story of Redemption at once. I am completely in awe of what this man was able to overcome and accomplish. We should all be so fortunate to put as much life in twice the years as Adam was able to do in his too short stead on Earth.  

I received a copy of Fearless through Waterbrook-Multnomah's Blogging for Books program in exchange for my honest review of the work.

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