Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hockey and Fútbol turned into major bonding time.

I have twin girls who are now 7-years-old. They like to play dress-up and Barbie, but they're equally into LEGO building and playing school as well. It's usually not too long, or hard, for them to talk Daddy into spinning them around the living room for the big ball or sitting down to build a house or spaceship.

They like to watch their cartoons and movies. I'm a big fan of anything Disney so we can usually find something we'll all agree on when Mom and Dad are finally sick of Dora for the eighteenth time that day. However, sports in my house can produce a struggle, and it rarely comes from my wife. You see, Mommy and Daddy are both big time hockey fans in my house, but the two little ones have just never caught the fever. Well, that changed this week.

As I was getting ready to put my little ones to sleep on Friday night I flipped on the Stanley Cup Finals - Game 5. There were the New York Rangers trying to hang on for dear life as the Los Angeles Kings sought to send them to the golf courses of the world before 60 minutes of regulation finished. This is when it happened folks. I was sitting there watching when my daughter asked me "who are we cheering for Daddy?"

I explained that I was rooting for New York because if they lost then hockey would be over for the season. Now, don't get me wrong, they're probably not the fanatics Mom and Dad are, but they recognized that this would disappointed to their Old Man and jumped in cheering for New York right away.

I didn't find any of this odd until my other daughter got upset with me when I told them it was time to head to bed. "But Daddy, the game isn't over yet." I reluctantly agreed to let them finish the regulation, but under the regulation that they weren't going to be watching any overtime. They relented.

The next thing that happened was almost stranger that though. As they were starting up the stairs they asked me if I would make sure to write down the score for them, so they could find out what happened first thing in the morning.

Now, I forgot to write anything down, but I was up with them pretty early on Saturday. Could you guess the first thing out of both those little mouths when they saw me? "Daddy, who won last night."

And if that didn't get me going, they both seemed genuinely disappointed that the Kings had bested the Rangers on that previous night. I actually had to console them both a bit and even thought one might shed a few tears over the whole ordeal.

So this morning we sat down together and watched the World Cup. We cheered together for Colombia in the first match of the day. Even though they needed to take a break to go play and blow off steam, they sat there with their Daddy and watched as the best players in the world played the most popular game in the world. Together we celebrated each goal and the overall victory of that bout.

Today was great day.

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