Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So it's over for the season, the Wild have packed up and headed home from Dallas on Sat. with an impressive OT loss in another season finisher with Dallas, this year in Dallas.

It was a very exciting game and it didn't stay close at all until the 3rd period. But these guys were all playing their hearts our. Dallas wanted to build steam heading into the playoffs, the Wild wanted to stop them up a bit and remind them there's still next season (let's hope that MN has Mitchell back by then).

I think that both teams did what they set out too, Minnesota scoring two goals in eleven seconds to tie the game and take it into OT. And for all of us fans, MN and TX alike, we were cheated of a shootout by a lousy 37 seconds (not even), though I doubt Dallas minds that nearly as much as we do here in the Twin Cities.

Anyway, the Stars get to keep shining, and they'll remember next season is still out there when they start reviewing tape. I doubt 2 goals in 11 seconds are going to sit well with any of the Dallas coaches.
So as the song goes "I'll see you in September."

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