Thursday, March 23, 2006

Damn Teachers

So what does everyone out there think about this? I'm curious because I've heard it spread all over the conservative airwaves this week that if Debbie LaFave were a man, or even if she were
just less attractive, then there would be no argument, she'd be in jail.

Is that true? Would it really not matter if it were a male teacher that looked like George Clooney? Would your outlook be any different is she were less attractive, or if she were older (think Madeline Albright or Hilary Clinton)???

Face it, if she were a man, she'd be in prison, end of story. It wouldn't matter if the teacher was 23 and the student was 17, if the teacher was a guy, he'd be looking through bars for a good many years. That's all there is too it.

It really sickens me that we can justify this behavior in our own country while simultaneously saying that the war in Iraq is immoral. Maybe we should think about that a little.

I guess I could understand the lackluster attitude if it had been a college professor and student, but it wasn't, and even then, a man would, at the very least, be fired for the indescretion.

Wait, I know, affairs are always the man's fault, right? Okay, but how do you explain this one then? Because you see, there is no man involved here. There is merely a 14 year-old child who was taken advantage by a 23 year-old woman who should've known better, or at the very least, shoul've been more responsible in her decision making.

"But she has mental illness" you say. Well, okay, let's put her in an institution to serve her sentence then. Isn't that what you'd do with a mentally ill person who murder or beat someone? How are Ms. LaFave's actions any less predatory than that? Please tell me...anyone?

Here is the problem. We are in a culture that just doens't give a damn. The kid should just be happy he won't die a virgin. And we she just be thankful she didn't molest any small children, cuz those are the real criminals, right?

But think about this kid having to explain all of this to the woman he hopes to someday marry. How hard is that going to be for him to share? How hard for her to hear? And in the end, will it be the deal breaker for his lifelong happiness?

My heart goes out to this kid and his family. I want to encourage them to talk about this and expose all of their true feelings about it. Do this in a controlled environment, and do it until everyone has gotten everything out. It's his only hope of not being completely screwed up for life from all of this.

And to those of you who think it's no big deal. Maybe we should send your asses to Iraq, at least then we wouldn't have to put up with your apathy anymore.

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